This Sunday morning is *the* morning.  Don't wait, don't put it off, come as you are and join us to hear the promises of Jesus and know His love.  You could read the Bible at home.  You could pray to God while you're out camping, but God wants to call us away from the world and closer to Him.  He calls us individually by His Holy Spirit, but He does not call us to be alone.  He calls us to be a member of His family, to build us up with Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  Your relationship with Jesus is personal, but the faith is one we share.  Come, let us welcome you.  Come, let us praise God together.


New places and new faces can be intimidating.  Check out our FAQ page for visitors and remember the LORD Himself has called you to His Kingdom for a moment such as this! (ref. Esther 4:14)



I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go to the House of the LORD." - Psalm 122:1


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