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Trinity Lutheran Church is one of the longest standing Lutheran congregtions in Nebraska, having celebrated the 125th year of her charter in September of 2014.


In the 1860's Trinity was not yet named, but rather a collection of Lutherans meeting in homes.  In the early 1870's they began to meet in the old courthouse for worship and were served the sacrament by Rev. J. Hilgendorf, a pastor from Omaha.  It was not until 1887 that the community of Lutherans in Blair would have a full time minister, a vicar named Carl E. Eberhardt.  This year would also see the first recorded act of the congregation, the baptism of Frieda Magnusson on July 31.  The first church building was constructed in 1888 and dedicated on December 23rd fo that year.


All this time, the congregation had not officially organized.  There was no charter, and no constitution.  The Church was definitely present as plain to see from the Word and Sarament, but Trinity Lutheran Church as a congregation had not yet formed.  In the later part of 1889, with the help of for pastor Rev. Hilgendorf, Trinity Lutheran Church was officially formed.


Since then Trinity Lutheran Church has had two other buildings and many other pastors.  It has weathered numerou controversies and changing theological climates, but in this place God's Word has always been proclaimed, and His gifts of forgiveness, life and salvation always given.  For 125 years the LORD has called his children, enlightened them with his gifts, sanctifed and kept them in the one true faith.  We pray that He will continue to do so through us for many years to come.


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